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Flash CC is a joke!

Posted by DuDuL - June 18th, 2013

I just tested Flash CC trial version.
Seriously just stay with CS3 or even better good old Macromedia.
No more action script 2 support.
Brush tool still depends on stage zoom and is still messy.
( Here's a list of things they dropped in CC - Thanks Kenney for the link)
But hey you can export videos in flawless quality - i actually did a test video where i spammed the shit out of filters and it exported really nicely...
Oh wait, the video was 2 seconds long and over 500MB in size... Swivel is still superior

So yeah... How ya doin?

Flash CC is a joke!


Comments (22)

I was super excited for Flash CC. Finally a version of Flash that is stable and up-to-date. Then I download it, installed it and found out ActionScript 2.0 support has been dropped.

Now, I don't use AS2 for any new projects anymore but I sure as hell have got 60+ games that are written in AS2. You can't even open them because it won't show you code on symbols and components.

I've complained over at the Adobe Forums, on Twitter and Facebook regarding this. Because now they're forcing me to keep both CS6 and CC on my computer. Why the hell am I doing this anyway, it's not like they ever listen to anything.

I like how they were praising that Flash CC will be an update more towards animators yet they did NOTHING new. Yeah they never listen. They didn't even react to Psychicpebble badmouthing them on twitter

That's adobe for ya! :3

Here's a full list of features that have been removed:
<a href="http://forums.adobe.com/message/5420124#5420124">http://forums.adobe.com/message/5420124#542012 4</a>

Importing SWF files...why....

Industry standard

No more AS2 support? Finallyyyyy

And Swivel will always be superior :D

I use AS2 all the time, I've never tried AS3 as I can't be asked to learn another programming language.
Thanks for the heads up, I'll stick to CS5.5.

Go macromedia flash 8 go

Adobe just keeps failing to bring anything good to Flash, they should give it to someone else, step back to Macromedia Flash 8 and start building from that with improvements to AS2 and animation tools. They did this whole shift to AS3 to be more like C++, while meanwhile Unity is making console / mobile / web games with Javascript and C#, both very similar to AS2.... I CAN'T QUIT AS2.

Why bother fixing if they can make new versions with even more flaws and get paid for it

well thats shit


- No importing of .swf
- No importing of .swc
- No exporting of projector files?!

WHAT?!! This is genuinely crazy.

People have only scratched the surface with as2. I hear a lot of people talking bad about it, say its old and out dated. But it's my programming medium, I enjoy programming in as2. It's like some one coming up to me and saying &quot;Matthew, why do you spend so much time painting in oil paints, when you can just use a camera. Don't you know cameras are newer and faster&quot;

We should combine powers and complain to Adobe in one massive thread on their forums or something like that. I already filed feature requests but I think that coming from a single person would do much.

It's got 64 bit support!
That's the feature I wanted more than anything else for the past 3 years!

Adobe isn't making any updates whatsoever to their new versions of Flash they keep blasting out every few months, they just get more slow and annoying and support less and less features.

It seems like they're trying to undo some of their previous retardery (eg. bone tool, deco tool, motion editor.) It's very possible that they're taking a step back in order to make new leaps forward. Or maybe they'll just make the same mistakes twice, I dunno.

The step back they need to take lies somewhere before they bought Macromedia

Adobe makes pretty much 90% of its profit from flash from flash players supporting video streaming via FLV and Web Banners. They are only going to be focusing on features that benefit people in those areas. If you think they are going to start including features a bunch of whiney kids want while they sit on their old pirated versions then your an idiot.

Don't know about other whiney kids but i bought my CS3 and i gladly sit on it.
Well they shouldn't have promised an upgrade which is more towards animation when there's nothing new after all.

No actionscript 2??? Fuck that

I can't even get the CC trial. The Creative Cloud Manager's only showing me CS6.


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