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DuDuL's News

Posted by DuDuL - June 18th, 2013

I just tested Flash CC trial version.
Seriously just stay with CS3 or even better good old Macromedia.
No more action script 2 support.
Brush tool still depends on stage zoom and is still messy.
( Here's a list of things they dropped in CC - Thanks Kenney for the link)
But hey you can export videos in flawless quality - i actually did a test video where i spammed the shit out of filters and it exported really nicely...
Oh wait, the video was 2 seconds long and over 500MB in size... Swivel is still superior

So yeah... How ya doin?

Flash CC is a joke!


Posted by DuDuL - March 12th, 2013

So few days ago i released You can shave the baby and it did quite well i think.
I will repeat myself again - I can't thank enough to Apatheria and Hnilmik for such an amazing voice performance!

Funny thing is that it took me 5 months since first seeing that doll in museum and thinking of the idea to complete the animation. GOD I'M SO BAD, SLOW N LAZY! (nah - it's all because of my shitty university eating 90% of my life time)

I'll try to release more stuff soon i promise... and i hope it's not a politician promise!
I'm leaving you guys with a gif of lip sync test from my next short

You can shave the baby n shit

Posted by DuDuL - October 4th, 2012

Yeah some updates you may or may not care about ;*

So yeah one fresh thingy is my Avengers parody i've been putting on hold for last 2 or 3 months due to NATA Competition but it's finally done - Hope you'll like it
Featuring the sexy voices of Tomamoto, Ricepirate and Kpheeyat plus i wanted to thank CatFat for helping me with the Thor rough animations ;*

Speaking of CatFat i've teamed up with him and Terabiter and we made a NGJam movie... We started one day late, ran into few problems (Thank you adobe flash for 7 crashes) but better late than never. Check it out

/* */
Seriously subscribe to CatFat - he's going to be big!

Other than that i'll be trying to do some more stuff now that i don't have a 2 month old project preventing me from doing it :D
I'll be trying to make more and more frame by frame stuff - i also need to work on my camera shots and backgrounds composition in my animations - anyone know some stuff that can help ?
The next thingy will be a fanmade ad. for a thing i saw in modern art museum.
Here's a little spoiler for it

NGJam, Avenger and some other stuff

Posted by DuDuL - June 8th, 2012

Yeah - elephant

This is the first serious flash i've made - no dicks, no jokes no violence ... funny huh?
It could've been better if i didn't have university exams at that time...
Also i'm working on short avengers skit atm. :D I should release it within this week i hope

That's all ...

Posted by DuDuL - May 9th, 2012

Hello there NewGrounders... It's me... this random animator no one knows again.

I've just finished my piece for NATA Open round.
Please check it out if you can.
Any critique on animation and especially fbf would be greatly appreciated.

For the next round i will try make more fbf 80's styled cartoony like submission if the next theme will suit it.

Now for the info no one cares - Once i finish my last animation for Polish YouTube audience (which i'm stuck with for now ;D) i will switch into English voiced animations full time and try upload here more often. As for now there will be one NATA piece per month until i drop out hehe. Wish me luck...

Oh and also - a tasty sausage

NATA animation done & some info

Posted by DuDuL - April 16th, 2012

So yeah... i've been practicing animations at local youtube grounds by making toons in Polish language (check my CrapTube channel if you even care - there are subs so yeah). I could've said it helped me get better but seriously i have never recieved any feedback, therefore i still suck hehe... Soon i will be going back too NG/global language toons full time.
I'm still waiting for Diamond Armada to finish the Edd Gould tribute collab

But yeah - here comes N.A.T.A. and i'm going to give it a try (glad i kinda got used to my cintiq 12wx and the ergotron arm is going to arrive in the next few days ;D). It will be a good exercise and a challenge and might even be a good start of getting back into business globally :D.
I've got some ideas and tommorow i'll try to get storyboard done with my VA bud Kpheeyat (i dare to say we are the only active newgrounders from Poland XD) - and then i will dive into joyful 20+ days of animating.

Anyone knows who out of the 'flash pro league' is entering this year?
Good luck to everyone starting in N.A.T.A.

PS. Harry Partridge once again makes me wet with his animations - If you haven't seen Starbarians ep 1 yet - go get raped and then fix your mistake

N.A.T.A. 2012 and some shits

Posted by DuDuL - December 31st, 2011

Right now i'm 3 hours after New Years Awe (i type at 3:15 am Polish time).
I wish you all Happy and the most Fucked up New Year possible
Lets make 2012 way better than 2011

Now i want to work hard and get back into Newgrouds - I missed that site for too long.
I finally decided to put Polish flashes aside - and now i will work towards making more global english ones.
I will try contribute to this site as much as possible (as long as i find free time during university >_> )

What are your expectations for the following year?

Posted by DuDuL - December 24th, 2011

Hi there Newgrounds - i fucking missed that site...
Now i decided to come back - and thank to the help of RicePirate i created THAT

I hope you will like it ;D

/* */

Posted by DuDuL - May 29th, 2011

I've been lately testing out Toon Boom Animate Pro 2, and so far i'm amazed by it's possibilities. I wonder when i will move freely in it XD. But i will not drop flash :P

I've got some projects i gotta work on... As i mentioned before : the Dragon Ball Z parody, which a full colored Cell screenshot i'm leaving below.
But first i must finish an animation for Polish YouTube contest where i can win a friggin car lol :P (or HD Camera if runner up and 3rd - either way is fine for me ;D)

Also, please check out my friend's VA demo
and leave him some love... yes you can use dicks ^^

Some news and my friend's VA Demo

Posted by DuDuL - May 4th, 2011

Lately i have been wondering how many people from Poland are active on Newgrounds...

Well after seeing Ross's post about Australia meet i thought why not make one in Poland... But the question is how many people are here that might also be interested in the meet.

So yeah show yourself in a comments below...

While i'm at it... So let's type some bloggy shit.
I have just finished 1st out of 3 exams...
After that im going to college yay...
So this summer i might actually do some animations i hope...
I had one DBZ basic parody idea that i actually did a draft for first few seconds
Drafty flash XD

Basicly it will be an animation where until Goku does kamehameha he get's old and everyone doesn't give a shit anymore... so yeah... i love the way i did Cell though...

Anyone from Poland here?