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This flash helped me improve my real time walking!

Okay i quit animation! Why are you so good?

I feel left out... just like clubpenguin300!
Don't leave me next time!


Pahgawk responds:

next round we will specifically send you and clubpenguin300 a PM. ...telling you that we're done and forgot to include you again. oops.

but seriously next time JOIN USSSS

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Worth the wait

Okay im addicted now

Worth waiting

I remember hyping up for this game ever since You put the trailer on YouTube :P

I didn't think the controls would be that hard but that makes the game more fun ^^

Good job Daniel... my friends WTF face when he saw the whale was priceless

Hear me people its MASTERPIECE

Well, i will begin by saying that your skill's growth is really amazing.
I also wont lie saying that the way You mixed sprites and blurry background is unique and really pleasing to watch... Okay seems i got the begining done i will now move to the ratings

Graphics : 10
Someone may say "WTF OMG D00d00L u fukin n00b sprites get max 5" so what?
Sprites are aligned perfectly, backgrounds are well chosen and very well blurred also BlackDevilX mixed both sprites and custom made effects in such a NEAT way that i must give it a 10... beat it sprite haters

Style : 10
Yup, I can clearly see you worked hard on that one... The tweening /fbf and timing is BDX's alone here... What else?... Everything is sm00th

Sounds : 9
The music You choose is very good, the voice actors did great job,
I would give a 10 if not that FOR ME hearing DB sounds is like dying couse of their overuse'ness

Interactivity 10
This is a GAME!... Amazing game that did it's purpouse! It kept me entertain for over HALF n HOUR on HARD mode... Why most of you guyz swich to easy right after seeing "You play on NORMAL mode"...
Continuing - The interactivity of this game blew me up to hell (i hate heaven XD)

Story : 10
Well writen, well shown... Unique in its way

Humor : 10
"Take of his shoes?... DONT TOUCH THE SHOES!!..." Oh god... This deserves 10 unlike some, piss, shit, fuck, cock jokes i see here alot... Thats pure humor

Overall : 10
Everything synced neatly, each episode shows more skills of yours.
Very entertaining to watch and uber addicting to play... This really is a masterpiece which lies in the shadows of SMBZ -.- sad truth...
I enjoyed my time... and im waiting for next episode

Thank you

BlackDevilX responds:

Know whats a shame? This sneaks up into the top 50, and then it suddenly disappears =(.

And funny thing is, i thought the shoes thing was pretty corny when i wrote it XD, but everyone seemed to like it which was cool.

SMBZ -__-

And generally, i dont like to put sex, cock, vulgar or obscene jokes in my flash. I tend to have some level of decency. Not that some of those are wrong, but i know alot of kid watch this type of stuff, and rather not have them turn out like crap.

Dancin all day,


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Thanks again for this amazing piece - makes me cry every time now hehe :D

Can i come over guys?

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This piece just nails it on every level possible. The vibrant colors, powerful anatomy and depth just makes this work feel so realistic. It's truly a stunning piece of art, hats down and keep it up

AlexPriceAnim responds:

Thank you!

Oh man she's adorable! Love the idea of having her carry the bloodbag capri sun with her

Nice texture grain on the piece as well as subtle anaglyph effect. Keep it up

I animate and draw... but mostly lurk around for cute demon girls.

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